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Business Planning and Development

- Investment opportunities & solutions
- Concept creation
- Brand identity development
- Market & financial studies
- Franchise acquiring & development
- Start-up planning
- Project development

Kitchen and Bar Design Consulting  

- Planning kitchens & bar design
- Interior design. MEP & 3D
- Construction & fit out
- 3D projection mapping (for designing immersive environments)
- Holograms (for interactive displays and ambiance creation)

Menu Recipes and Costing Development

- Menu architecture
- Recipe development
- Costing Template
- Batching Recipes and costing

Customer Experience

- Guest experience programming
- Artificial Intelligence (for personalized service, data analysis, etc.)
- Customer review reporting and data analysis

Operational Management

- Management direction
- Operational coaching
- Operational assessments
- Consulting retainers

Human Resources

Staff recruitment
Staff training & team building
Mindset coaching

About Us

“Discover the art of extraordinary hospitality with Gate2Experience. We blend innovative business planning with cutting-edge technology, like AI and 3D design, to create immersive, memorable experiences. From concept to execution, our expertise shapes unique spaces, menus, and services that redefine excellence. Gate2Experience is not just about services; it’s about creating stories that linger long after the experience. Step into a world where every detail is a step towards the exceptional.”

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